New Single! New Merch!

We are thrilled to present you some credits about our new single “Brimstone Baptism”! The track is available on all established streaming and download platforms,

“Brimstone Baptism” is not based on, but inspired by those characters of the books “Ritus” and “Sanctum” by German Dark Fantasy author Markus Heitz that are trying to find ways to get rid of their revenant curse while their evil nemeses seem to even embrace it. I imagined how possible rituals might look like and came up with some fascinating thoughts of a “Brimstone Baptism” of which some are showcased in the lyric video below.

Also learn more about the people who created this intense piece of German Thrash Metal:
lyric video created by David Bagarić of Morbid Flm Production
produced by Hubi Hofmann of Slash Zero Records
written and composed by Daniel “Gumo” Reiss
arranged by Hubi “Wachtmeister” Hofmann, Air Hofmann & Gumo Reiss

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Mosh & Smile my friends! TURN IT UP so neighbors can hear it too!!!

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