Thrash Metal of beast and man! 😮🐆

Hello my friend!

The inspiration for such a dark and threatening music like Thrash Metal  has come from so many different aspects of human society and history. It can really come from anywhere, even pretty things, since this music has the ability to easily draw the most beautiful things towards the dark…now don’t be scared to read on! 😃

Do you have any relationship to animals? Maybe a dog or a cat? Isn’t it fascinating how we can communicate with them even though they obviously cannot talk(at least not in the way we humans do…). Many times I felt like I know how they feel.

One day I was searching for inspiration for some new Thrash Metal music and was watching all kinds of animals. I realized that not all of them are loving and soft creatures, and quickly after I threw myself into research I was watching videos of lions and cheetahs hunting down their prey, biting their throats und sucking their blood. Wow, that was intense and also not really easy to watch to be honest.
Nature granted those Apex Predators a natural instinct to kill along with sharp teeth and strong muscles. Do you know the feeling when something fascinates you, but in a quite shocking way?
The day I watched those videos an idea for a new Thrash Metal song was born.

The Apex Predator!

“Apex Predator” was released on the double album “By Endurance We Conquer – Demons & Damnation” in 2017 and hopefully you are going to enjoy it! Don’t forget to let me know what you think about it in the comment section below! Mosh and Smile, may you have a great day!


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