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High Class German Thrash Metal That Will Take You To Another World

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You're new to GumoManiacs and wonder what it sounds like?

Vamp Only
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“GumoManiacs combined elements of the best of the best and created...this! This is as in-your-face Heavy Metal as it gets!”

Chris Pratl, metalbite.com

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GumoManiacs is a Teutonic Thrash Metal band based in Regensburg, South Germany. They write and produce songs mainly based on the literary genre of Dark Fantasy.
Lead by founder and mastermind Daniel „Gumo“ Reiss they have rightfully found their very own niche inside the genre of German Thrash Metal. Lyrics that strive for intense storytelling that takes the listener to dark and mystic places combine with a lethal musical mixture of the most powerful and raw elements from 80s Thrash Metal and the tenaciousness of Classic Speed Metal.
Over the last 12 years GumoManiacs have toured in Mexico, Ukraine and Germany and have released 5 Albums, 1 EP and several singles.

"Listen to their awesome new release Brimstone Baptism, and you'll understand why I recommend this great Thrash band" - Jascha, Netherlands

"Killer thrash band with face-melting riffage that is sure to leave you wanting more" - Kyle, USA

"They should be Megadeth in their prime big."
- Keith, USA

"Straight up good fellas and they 100% care about their fans."
- Matt, Australia

"Thrash Metal at it's best"
-Anderson, Brazil


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Time, what is time?

By Gumo | July 26, 2019

Hansi Kürsch of Blind Guardian has asked that before in their song from the fantastic “Somewhere far Beyond” album(Hey, do you still listen to that one from “time to time”…

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New Single! New Merch!

By Gumo | July 26, 2019

We are thrilled to present you some credits about our new single “Brimstone Baptism”! The track is available on all established streaming and download platforms, “Brimstone Baptism” is not based…

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Thrash Metal of beast and man! 😮🐆

By Gumo | July 26, 2019

Hello my friend! The inspiration for such a dark and threatening music like Thrash Metal  has come from so many different aspects of human society and history. It can really…

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Vamp Only
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