Time, what is time?

Hansi K├╝rsch of Blind Guardian has asked that before in their song from the fantastic “Somewhere far Beyond” album(Hey, do you still listen to that one from “time to time” ?).

Anyways, these days I really wonder myself…but actually more about where all this time goes and how relentless it is. If you start to think about it you also realize: once it is gone you can not get it back.

Do you know the feeling when you have so many thing to do but so little time? And I mean that on a deeper level:
There are things that TRULY matter to you and then there are those other things…ok wait…do we really want to talk about them right now since they are the ones that take away our precious quality time from the things we really want to do in this life before we die (and we all will…)?

My friend Hubi Hofmann, producer and bass player of GumoManiacs once said to me in one of our phone calls: “There is nothing you can do about it but just do one thing after another, step by step and the most important ones first. And then you keep going and wait ’till the tides of time are turning in your favor again”.
Ok, maybe that’s not EXACTLY what he said word by word, but that was clearly the meaning behind his advice. You get his point, right?

What are you up to these days my friend? And how are you dealing with the time eating monster yourself? Feel free to let me in the comments or via message!

I wish I could focus more intensely on the stuff that is about to come, but in the end I also know stuff is going to get done at some point.

Here is what I’m currently up to:
1. New Youtube channel about Thrash Metal & Guitars. Have you seen the FULL Cover of Sodom’s Exhibition Bout yet? Click here to watch if you want! I’ll try to put out a new video every week, so let me know what kind of stuff related to Thrash Metal & Guitar you’d like to watch and enjoy in your free time! It would be amazing if you’d even consider subscribing to the channel, since this would help me immensely!

2. New Shop is in the making!
There’ll be more payment options than just Paypal, new offers and an overall much improved shopping experience soon! You can still visit and enjoy the OLD SHOP and its special prices ’till then. If you’d ask me I’d clearly recommend the GumoManiacs CD Quartett to get the most out of your well deserved buck. Enjoy never ending hours of German Thrash Metal as much as you want but pay a special price only once. To me that is even the ultimate lifetime value of music itself in a way, isn’t it?

3. So much more to come…but remember Hubi Hofmann? Only one step at a TIME!

I hope you are having a great day. Thanks for still being with us on this Thrash Metal journey, it really means a lot to us!!!

Cheers my friend!


p.s.: remember since we don’t have too many copies of the “PsychoMania” album anymore, the GumoManiacs CD Quartett will have to disappear from the shop at some point. If you consider this one maybe get your set right now before we have to take it down

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